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He decides he should apologize and try to repair their relationship. After a mistake, Olivia must live with the consequences of the actions and decisions she made. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Olivia was the first to leave, Captain offered to walk her to her car. Captain Cragen uses a very traditional way to deal with misbehaving detectives. A unique take on the conflict between visceral desire and professional boundaries during a SVU case. Special Victims Unithetero fictionslash fiction Characters:

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You used the restroom and walked out of the bedroom, seeing a confused and shirtless Elliot looking around from his seat on the couch.

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Everything I do is consensual, we all have our own quirks, mine happens to be a love and desire for pain and domination by bigger, stronger men, like you. Wet Hot American Summer. Back when I wrote Cabot in a good light. Next Munch, quipping about how much he regretted leaving such a raging party, followed by Fin, who patted Elliot on the back and wishing everyone a good evening. Talking to you…" He smiled, leaning over to kiss him softly.

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He'd caught the bad guy, brought peace to the victim's big brown eyes, managed not to go caveman on anyone, and now he got to spend the evening with the man he loved. It never fails to make his heart hammer against his ribs, in part simple physical response, in part due to his guilty conscience. His hair was mussed, like he'd just gotten out of bed. George moaned when he felt Stabler release into him, but he still hadn't cum, and he was so painfully close. Your review has been posted. Retrieved February 25, Huang punched in his access code and entered, Stabler following close behind.

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