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Rebecca used Irena's image to create the Android. They hold hands as they walk away. Sally fell in love with two musicians, a man and a woman, and later had a threesome with them. Queer as Folk UK. Annaliese Stilman is the head of the psychology department at a Boston university. She had several relationships, the main one with her ex-wife Callie Torres. She falls in love with Jo.

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Her romantic and sexual relationship with Spencer Carlin is a popular lesbian ship called "Spashley.

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Looking season two: TV's only gay show is growing towards greatness

Was romantically involved with Emily Fields. Extravagant and affectionate roommate of the protagonist. Struggles with her sexuality throughout season one before eventually entering and later marrying a relationship with friend, Ashley. John Inman played Mr. He engages in an orgy with both sexes. Although Wendy is closeted, Annaliese is more open in public with her feelings for Wendy and what they are together. They hold hands as they walk away.

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Max's ex-boyfriend; they start dating again after they run into each other on Valentine's Day. She is engaged to Alison DiLaurentis. Was romantically involved in a serious relationship with Willow Rosenberg. In season 5, she reunited with Sydney and they begin dating. Set in San Francisco, Looking is entirely about gay men.

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