Openly gay cartoon characters

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From the time he set eyes on her, Touma was smitten with her. Film and Comic Books. Pandora is in love with Judas. Terry, Cleveland's co-worker, marries his husband Paul in " Terry Unmarried ". Pink and Queen Sheelo. They later remove themselves from the tournament by killing each otherbut are resurrected in the final episode. Stewie has been in relationships with female babies, but is also attracted towards males.

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Ferguson and director Dean DeBlois have confirmed this as meaning that Gobber is gay.

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List of animated works with LGBT characters

Cyber Team in Akihabara. Rocky and Hudson, the protagonists of this movie, are a couple of openly gay cowboys. He has a strong infatuation for the series' main protagonist, Gene Starwind, to whom he supplies arms to. However, after realizing she was in love with Ushio she decided to quit karate in order to try to become "cuter". The creator also confirmed that they're in love with each other. Throughout the series, Rick's sexuality has also been heavily hinted at, mostly in his backstory.

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Daley is a sympathetically presented gay character. Bon Kurei is also an okama, a man who dresses effeminately and whose shapeshifting powers allow him to change his form to whomever he wishes. But Terry replies he's attracted to both genders, much to Cleveland's dismay. She wants to date Mariya when she enters high school, but Kanako tells her she's a boy. However, after realizing she was in love with Ushio she decided to quit karate in order to try to become "cuter". Chikane's feelings for Himeko border on obsession, and she wants to complete the Ame no Murakumo summoning ritual quickly so she alone can protect Himeko. She has an obsessive attraction to Makoto, as she often fantasizes about her and the latter in romantic and even perverted scenarios.

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