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Blah… So, he leaves and I grope around for my phone. There was a lot of story with Demeter, Persephone's mom, and how much she didn't want her daughter to marry Hades and, apparently that's how we get our seasons. I'm seriously on the edge of it here, between a sexy Cloud and a really hard wall. Why is it not helpful right now, you ask? Please leave a message and I'll get back to you when I can. You don't do that to someone, regardless of how soft his hair is or how beautiful his eyes are or how hard his-… No, stopping that train of thought right there!!

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He wouldn't want me anyw-" "Who is it?

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You're an appealing boy. Your review has been posted. Cloud's perfectly fine though, minus being embarrassed. This shouldn't hurt so badly though. The tears that prick my eyes cannot, under any circumstances, be seen or heard or felt by Cloud. Everything is going to be fine. Rated M for safety.

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The issue is that Weiss is wearing a frilly apron. He wouldn't want me anyw-" "Who is it? I'll be over in twenty minutes, I just have to borrow Mom's car, alright? Rated M for safety. Granted, Weiss gives me more sensible advice, stuff I should have listened to in high school, but Nero is more sympathetic. I can give you one of my straight jackets, so you can do him without him struggling. He's making life wonderful when he does that.