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Rex Huskey That Universe thing is a bitch! What I soon realised was that it was little more than a gateway to US gay porn sites dressed up as a gay matchmaking site. The history of love, sex and dating show that our beliefs about romance and its rituals change much more dramatically over time than we tend to remember. Dating Tinder Grindr features. Dating Sexuality Grindr comment. Your sex expert is full of it.

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My story of meeting my partner at an actual bar now seems almost quaint and of another era.

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Why isn't there a Grindr for straight people?

Nowadays it seems like everyone is using dating apps — whether gay or straight or somewhere in between. A friend, in his mids, who currently works at the University of Michigan, put it this way in a Facebook message: He could live in one of the apartments upstairs. Because Tinder simply draws photos from Facebook, my husband is in most of mine. Some friends I chat with lament the fact that these apps have replaced the significance of the brick and mortar bar, which was such an important institution of the gay liberation actions of the s and s. Henry seems to be right about immediacy:

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The good ol days…. After dark there were only men there for the same reason, i never wanted to risk offending strollers or others. Take that to heart, if you have one. For instance, last November, I interviewed a group of trans women. The truth about cruising in those dark distant days when there was no alternative is this… forget the danger of being bashed or arrested, what nobody ever admits is it was boring as hell.

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