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Other groups of tourists wore abreviated clothing and were not embraced as warmly! You may not see it this way, but it makes you look like a self loathing, in the closet unable to deal with your own true feelings of being gay yourself. However, Americans are NOT alone in bad, disrespectful behavior when traveling. So narcissistic and ridiculous. Knight Good point…I actually noticed that double-standard too. They deserve what the get. Thus, the men are in the wrong.

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These 2 guys represent the poor values that you see at Pride, where people think they can go nude in public and sexualize a community event at will.

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Remember when in someone elses home or country behave as such. GoodGrief Knight, Thanks for the reply. Awe, Schlomo are you triggered? SiamSam Danny Yep.

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That honor goes to the Brits.

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