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Your comments deserve the attention that they merit. Morris, Walter June 12, Order by newest oldest recommendations. Evidence includes the behavior of rulers. There is little evidence of homosexual practice in Islamic societies for the first century and a half of the Islamic era. Muslim ritual funerals also apply.

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Nor is any other religious text.

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Everything you need to know about being gay in Muslim countries

The development of social media has also created space for a more informal kind of activism which seems to have proved successful in a couple of instances recently. They enforce a strict interpretation of Shariah law. However, in the 19th century, Ottoman society started to be influenced by European ideas about sexuality as well as the criticism leveled at the Ottoman society by European authors for its sexual and gender norms, including homosexuality. Ffokcuf June 27, at Samar Habib, Praeger,

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Funny… there was a time you could take all your saying and replace it with blacks. So why do you impose your religious beliefs upon others who do not subscribe to such believes. Some of the most brutal Arab regimes Iraq under Saddam Hussein and Syria under the Assads, for example also showed little interest in attacking gay people — probably because they had other things to worry about. Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Cambridge University Press Kindle edition. The attitudes toward homosexuality in the Ottoman empire underwent a dramatic change during the 19th century. Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic 3rd ed.

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