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And I briefly had one in white, but only temporarily until I got my 3-series sedan. More bumper stickers than car. I can say with confidence that here in the Northwest the Subaru Outback is the most lesbian car. Shelby Lesbians seem overwhelmingly to prefer Hondas or Acuras. It might be smart for your pocket book and commute to work, but it is not smart for your sex life if you buy the Smart Car.

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For the record, I drive a Buick Park Avenue.

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Someone in a pristine vintage sports car can make me damp as a cellar. The A. Though the conquest fantasy remains compelling. At Jake Patterson's sentencing hearing, prosecutors showed a select few evidence photos to the court and asked that Patterson be sentenced to life in prison for the murders of Jayme Closs' parents and the year-old's kidnapping.

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Why such excitement?

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