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It was unpredictable and exciting, and I actually got the feeling that the heroes were in danger. Was there just too much diversity? Despite being composed of metal, Colossus' great strength and willpower allow him to overcome Magneto's control and beat Magneto mercilessly for the harm inflicted on Wolverine. Northstar comes out From: Giant-Size X-Men 1 May We all know that a fight with Mojo is not going to have any kind of effect on the team Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads.

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A lot of people are just probably shocked by what they did in Ultimate X-Men or that it's Peter they're more shocked over.

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Jul 27, He leaves Russia to rejoin the X-Men. Recommended Why studios fear putting gay characters in movies like 'Star Wars' and 'The Avengers' Even a gay alien would be a welcome sign of social progress. I think we're all missing a huge point that was mentioned earlier. He is also highly resistant to physical injury.

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It's been hinted at that he's gay. Feb 11, Messages: That new international team didn't work out too well, did they? The title got plenty of media coverage thanks to controversy from anti-gay media activists who think of comics as a medium belonging strictly for children. By Stephanie Marie Anderson. I stop buying a few issues and then they throw a curve ball like this! It's never too late to learn your mother tongue.

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