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My usual days go pretty much the same, I wake up for work in my cute little thong panties I wear to bed, keep them on and get my work clothes over the top, then off to work, the whole time leaving just the frilly trim of my thong sticking above the waist strap of my boxes, so if my tshirt were to ride up someone would see them, this always keeps me horny, especially if I bend down and the ride up my back some more revealing even more of my thong. I remove the bottle and clench my ass to keep it all in me I then position my dildo on the bathroom wall whilst still being in the bath, standing, gives me a sense of carefree knowing whatever mess I make can easily be cleaned. It feels so good I don't want to get off this hot rubber cock. My panties getting drenched and I'm still pissing from the thrust of my didlo, soon enough though it starts to dry up from the water and I begin to feel released so slow down before removing the cock from my ass again, I squat down pull my thong back across my ass and open my cheeks up letting the final flow of piss dribble out my arse and through my panties. Then it begins, I get my phone playing some hot shemale porn of her fucking some guy or some cute twink porn of two guys going at each other. I switch the shower on but my didlo on the wall again and start fucking myself some more under the flow of hot water. The feeling is ecstasy I want to come but refuse to masterbate my cock, my fucking starts to calm down and I feel a sense of release, still horny though so find it hard to walk away from the pleasure of this anal fucking, but I pull of and let a spirt of hot pee come out then re insert and slowly pump before doing the same again, I start to feel dirty but like being wet so I move myslef over to the shower leaving my phone still playing porn where I can see it and taking the didlo in with me after removing the vibrator remote.

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I feel more spent now like I've had a good fucking in my sissy pussy so decide I should maybe return to work as its been an hour or so.

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Allow us to process your personal data? So my sexy pink frilly thong comes out, smelling tasty. It feels so good I don't want to get off this hot rubber cock. I want to cum. I relax some more and push further inside me and open my ass some more which let's out a hot pour of piss from my ass and it feels awesome.

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And since then I have not masterbated any other way so have not cum, this keeps me real horny so I have been wearing panties since sunday too. Nothing though, until I feel the urge to pee. But I'm looking for one thing, my other didlo, another suction cup one but this one is not as thick and 8" long and a vibrating one. So I keep riding until it feels super sloppy again and then pull off again and back to the mirror to watch my 'cream pie' ouse out. Once in there I strip down to just my thong which is keeping the dildo in which I move to the side, push my ass to the wall and get the suction cup to stick to the tiled walls again.

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