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There is no single transitioning process. We know from existing evidence that LGBT people face discrimination and harassment at work. These procedures leave people with devastating and long-term physical or mental difficulties. How to cite this product: See Figure 3:

statistics gay discrimination incidences
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Nevertheless, gay and transgender people continue to lack full workplace protections afforded to women, people of color, veterans, seniors, and the disabled.

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Pride festivals are banned in several countries around the world, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda and most recently Turkey. Trans respondents had particularly low scores around 5. This allows them to change the gender marker on their birth certificate following transition, bringing it in line with other documentation, and also to be legally treated in the gender in which they identify.

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Yet findings also support the contention that LGBT people do not need to have experienced discrimination in order to act in ways that help them avoid it, which is in line with empirical evidence on a component of minority stress theory:

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